dark chocolate pear cake

March 1, 2010 at 8:22 am Leave a comment

I’m relatively new to the world of food blogs, and the first one that I stumbled upon was Smitten Kitchen. From the very first post I read, I was hooked. I wanted to try every recipe Deb posted. But for my first attempt, I decided to try the bittersweet chocolate and pear cake. Sounds delicious and fancy, right? That’s what I thought! And oh, Deb’s pictures always make me start drooling at my desk, so I just couldn’t wait to give this a shot. As it turns out, I probably should have started a little smaller, because…well…you’ll see.

I burned the cake. Not only that, but I don’t think my eggs ever did what the recipe told me they would do. But assuming, for the sake of my pride, that I did whip my eggs into a convincing ribbon state, then my sole mistake was a momentary lapse in remembering just how hot my oven is. This, of course, resulted in dry cake.

Mmm, but the pears held up and kept their moisture…and maybe with a little heat and some melty ice cream on top…it could just turn into something salvageable. But not salvageable enough to take to work for our office game night. So what did I take, you ask? Patience, friends, you’ll find out soon enough. For now, if you’re brave and have a more consistent oven than I do, give this cake a try.

*Update! This is fabulous warm with some vanilla ice cream on top. Counteracts the fact that I baked it to death, quite nicely. So don’t be afraid! Even if you echo my mistakes, you have an excuse to eat ice cream with your cake (as if you needed an excuse, am I right?). Perfection.


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